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Story | 01

The Augusta Chronicle | Drug arrests, deaths increasing in Augusta area

I contacted three area police departments to gather data on drug arrests and overdoses in Richmond, Columbia and Aiken Counties to determine whether the opioid epidemic has decreased locally in recent years.

Story | 02

The Augusta Chronicle | Community rallies around church after fire

Amid a week of strong storms and heavy rains, the rectory of a local church burst into flames. Two priests lived in the rectory, which was completely destroyed, and their community rallied around them.

Story | 03

The Augusta Chronicle | Local veteran remembers shipmates on sunken sub

Fifty years after a submarine sank during tests, veterans are working to memorialize those lost aboard the sub with a monument in Arlington National Cemetery.

Story | 04

The Augusta Chronicle | Pine Hill teachers starts Richmond County's first middle school newspaper

In one of my earliest stories for the Chronicle, I was able to spend an afternoon with a group of seventh and eighth graders who are passionate about journalism.

Story | 05

Urban Plains | A Struggle for Recovery

In my first foray into investigative journalism, I concentrated on meth in the Midwest. This story was published as part of my senior journalism capstone and was the culmination of weeks of interviews and research. 

Story | 06

Urban Plains | Combatting Hunger on the South Side

For my second project in the senior journalism capstone course, I woke up at 3 a.m. and drove to Chicago with a classmate to document food insecurity on the South Side of Chicago. She took the photos and created the video, and I wrote the story to accompany these elements in this multimedia story. 

Story | 07

Drake Digital News | Halloween Goes to the Dogs

In Fall 2016, I enrolled in a course that would hone my skills in video reporting. This clip, published on Drake Digital News, an online platform for students to publish their work for the Des Moines Community, covers the annual Spooky Paws Parade downtown. Get ready to tremble from the cuteness of dogs in costumes. 

Project | 08

Drake Political Review

This link to the Spring 2017 edition of Drake Political Review focuses on American politics and the change the country was going through in the transition to the Trump presidency. 

Story | 09

The Times-Delphic | Peggy’s Tavern: campus bartenders talk busy nights, benefits

In one of my last stories for the Times-Delphic, I decided to tackle a feature on the beloved campus bar: Peggy's Tavern. I wrote this piece for the Relays edition of the paper, an expanded 40-page issue distributed across campus for students and alumni. This bar, with its worn and fading red wooden door, is a place where people pack a tent outside in the Midwest's cold and rainy April weather, and enjoy the feeling of togetherness and pride for this university we all called home for four years: a feeling I tried to replicate in this story. 

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